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How did a debutante become a debt collector, you ask?


This is what happens when a nepo-baby is 'type A' AF. I was  raised by two very hardworking and successful entrepreneurs. I grew up with a crib in the office and my mother practicing cold-call scripts in the carpool line. Whenever I was asked as a child what I wanted to be when I grew up - I responded with "CEO." 

My parents on the other hand wanted me to settle down and marry rich. So I was a debutante not once, not twice, but FIVE times. Turns out I'm gay, so this was just never in the cards for me, but alas, I did give it the ole college try!

In 2017, I set out to make my dream of having my own company a reality. I poured my life savings into a CPG brand I built selling daily planners designed for creatives (remember I said I was Type A). 


With that venture, I had some success and proud achievements as well as some very expensive lessons I needed to learn the hard way. And as a part of that journey, I went into debt because I couldn't let go of my company. I was in denial and out of runway.

My identity was wrapped up in it. I was the company. So if it failed, then that felt like I was a failure. And that, my friends, is where things got dark, and I was ready to check out early. I had debt collectors calling me with zero regard for the fact that they were the only people who called that day. 

The psychology around debt and the reasons people go into it are complex. At EverWorth, I've partnered with women I respect and admire to create the kind of collection agency I wish had been contacting me. One with humanity. 

We are setting out to do debt differently. With honor. With respect. With accountability. With empathy. With advanced and secure technology. And with pragmatic and high-integrity resolutions.

And if you're thinking, that's nice, but I've got a client who's a masterful manipulator or a fraudulent snake... please know that my favorite pastime is facilitating karma. There's a reason why I started a collection agency and not a charity.  



Gail leads the growth and acquisition strategy for EverWorth. She brings over 30 years of experience building a $100M global corporate real estate company, winning the largest clients, and helping diversify the talent strategy in a male-dominated industry.

Gail is a devoted philanthropist with decades of supporting dozens of Dallas-based charities. 


Gail Fischer

Elizabeth Fischer

President & CEO

Elizabeth leads the company's strategic vision, collection strategy, strategic partnerships, talent, mergers, and acquisitions. She brings over 14 years of leadership experience growing startups and small businesses with a unique blend of tenacity and advocacy.


Elizabeth graduated early from SMU with a BA in Art History and Psychology.

Peyton leads EverWorth's communications strategy in collaboration with Elizabeth. She brings over 11 years of Digital Marketing and Advertising expertise. She is a highly observant problem solver with a gift for finding solutions with piercing accuracy and steadfast integrity.   


Peyton is fluent in four languages and holds an MA in Advertising and BA in French from SMU. 

Communications Director

Peyton Meersman

Meet the Leadership Team

Our Code of Conduct

At EverWorth, we believe that cultivating healthy relationships with all our stakeholders (that includes you) is essential for doing good business. These are the four pillars that set a strong foundation for our healthy relationships:​

01 | Respect 

We strive to always be respectful and respectable. There's a difference between being respected and being feared. When someone is respected, they gain influence. When someone is feared, they gain control. ​

02 | Trust 

We strive always to be trusting and trustworthy. Babies are born trusting their mothers. Real trust requires vulnerability from the onset. Trust must first be given for it to be reciprocated.

03 | Communication

We strive always to be clear, concise, and highly communicative. We also aim to clarify assumptions to avoid miscommunications wherever possible preemptively. 

04 | Validation

We strive to validate all interactions by taking the time to really see and listen to someone. Validating someone does not mean agreeing with them. It is simply acknowledging that you are paying attention so that you can provide meaningful solutions wherever possible.

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