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Hire EverWorth to help your business collect overdue payments.

Our Commercial Debt Collection Services

We have a strategic phased-out approach for how we help small businesses recover their revenue and retain relationships whenever possible.

Our approach is informed by research based on patterns of human behavior and psychology - not impersonal auto-dialers or 'spray and pray' tactics.


Our team researches and adapts proven conflict resolution frameworks ranging from psychology, politics, crisis PR management, mediation, etc., to employ elevated tactics yielding desired outcomes. 

We take your business very seriously and handle sensitive financial information with the utmost security. Unlike other collection agencies, we run background checks on all team members, we employ advanced cyber security measures, and we run SOC 2-compliant systems.

Our Services

  • Consulting Services

  • Conflict & Dispute Resolution

  • Contingency Debt Collections

  • Commercial Investigation Services

  • Negotiation & Mediation Strategy


If it's delicate, you can trust us to handle it.

1. We only accept B2B debt - specifically for professional services.

2. Your claim must be worth at least $1,000.

3. We don't accept international claims. All parties must be located in the U.S.

4. We work on a contingency basis, meaning we only get paid when you get paid. There's no up-front cost to hiring EverWorth to represent you.

5. Our rates are based on two factors: the age and amount of each debt paid. 

Watch to see if your claims are qualified to be represented by EverWorth.


Collections / Consulting / Conflict & Dispute Resolution / B2B Negotiation & Mediation Strategy / Commercial Investigation Services

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Confirm that your claim(s) meet our criteria:

NOTE: We do NOT handle consumer debt or money owed by individuals.

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- Our client's client asking to become our client

I have two small businesses that have some outstanding invoices I need action on. Your approach has been great. Could we speak about doing some work for me?

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Our newsletter publishes companies who are 'in the red' and deemed high risk to engage with based on verified claims and evasive patterns of behavior our team has uncovered. We call it THE (DIS)HONOR ROLL.

Get the list to mitigate your risk when it comes to potentially problematic clients and partners to protect your cash flow.

If you have unpaid invoices that are sitting there, you have nothing to lose. They only get paid when you do. I’ve collected over $20k in invoices with EverWorth and have shown my clients that I won't accept late payments. This recovered revenue will forever have an impact on my ability to grow and scale my business.

Drew Blumenthal

Founder & CEO of Digital Dew SEM

1. We believe in performance-based pay. There is zero up-front cost to hiring EverWorth to represent you.

2. Our contingency rates are uniquely structured to benefit businesses, freelancers, and consultants who strive to retain as much recovered revenue as possible.


3. Our generous fees range from 15% to 50%, depending on the age and amount of the debt collected.


Use our free fee calculator to see how much you can get when you retain EverWorth.

We only get paid when we collect

States We Service


New Hampshire 

New Mexico

New York



​Rhode Island

South Carolina

South Dakota


















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